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Estate and Trust Shipping


Skillful Estate and Trust Shipping in Nashville

When you work with Craters & Freighters Nashville, we separate and organize the various items within an estate, categorize them, and ship them to one location or multiple locations as needed.

When involved in an estate or trust-related relocation, you have a lot on your plate, and emotions can run high. Moving is challenging, even in the best of circumstances, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Our team has the skill set and high-quality materials to handle every detail of your residential relocation, from packaging to crating to transporting. We know how to handle your belongings, whether they hold financial value or sentimental value.

Exceptional Care for Your Valuables

Whether you are downsizing, relocating, or consolidating your belongings, Craters & Freighters provides exceptional care for your furniture, fragile antiques, and family heirlooms.

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Estate Distribution Services

Crating to match the item

Understanding how to properly crate each item contributes to a safe arrival. Considering factors such as weight, value, shape, mode of transport, and more, will help determine the best crating design for each piece.

Sometimes, special accommodations must be made to nurture your assets’ protection. From on-site crating solutions to custom crating and specialized crates specifically designed for your electronics, art, antiques, and more, crating your items properly and with intention is the first step in a responsible move.

Packaging to meet your needs

Your assets deserve to be treated with respect and care, which requires a high level of detailed packaging solutions.

Tailored packaging minimizes the chance of damage while in transit, giving you peace of mind throughout the moving process. From wrapping the item to outfitting its container, packing is one of the most important aspects of a successful experience.

Other shipping services to encourage a reliable estate move include:

Working with an experienced and trusted estate moving team will give you confidence through this journey. However, should you want to take on some of the aspects yourself, please check out some of our resources to help make the process run smoothly.

If you’d like to discuss your trust or estate move further, please contact our Nashville estate movers today.


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Provide your estate & trust shipping requirements and details, and let us give you an estimate you can count on. Concerned that we can’t handle your shipment? Call us; we’ll come out and take a look at your items and come up with a plan you like. Serving most of Tennessee and Alabama, including Nashville & Chattanooga, TN, and Birmingham & Huntsville, AL.